Our Process

Contact Us

The first step is always to get in contact with us

Talk to us, we will talk you through the different types of services, and how we can help you.


We will ask you to fill out the design questionnaire for your project – we are going to ask questions about your business, project, time-line and budget, so we can better understand your project.


Once the design is agreed the project will move to the development stage, This is were your information will be added, images and everything else you require.


We will also begin coding your website, so that it works across different devices and screen sizes. Every website that we create is responsive website.(also known as mobile friendly website).


Our designers will then look into the different design trends and start to applying, both the information you have provided and our research, to a basic front page design proposal.

We will then deliver a design proposal, along with a quotation based on the information and budget you have told us about.


This is where the magic happens – We will create all the functions and design for the entire project to match the branding, established with your homepage design proposal.


Now that everything is tested and approved, we will deploy your amazing new website to the hosting server and you can start spreading the word.


Our job does not end when the site goes live.


We offer management services, where we will run and maintain your website to whatever level you require, giving you the best possible results all year round.